Put Superior Scanning Speed, Accuracy and Productivity in Your Hands with the ScanTRAK II.

Take Shop-Floor Laser Scanning to the Next Level

Add the power of blue-laser technology to your industrial scanning application with the ScanTRAK II handheld 3D laser scanner. With a scanner accuracy of 7 µm and a frame rate up to 450 Hz, the ScanTRAK II provides extremely accurate and fast multi-surface scanning for unprecedented operator productivity.



Scan every part detail with exceptional precision and resolution.



Scan freely and comfortably in 6DOF without mechanical tethers.



Scan more surface textures, colours, and finishes in less time.

Optimal Scanning Performance

Used in tandem with the PRO CMM optical tracker, the ScanTRAK II provides non-contact 3D scanning of large and/or complex parts without the use of targets. Scan across dark, multi-coloured or shiny surfaces without interruption. A balanced ergonomic design, wide beam stripe, and integrated field-of-view positioning laser optimize data collection for maximum scanning throughput.

One Solution, Many Different Uses

Watch this video, which shows how the combined power of optical metrology and 3D laser scanning can solve the toughest part-to-CAD, reverse engineering, non-destructive testing, and other dimensional and surface scanning applications.

Integrated Point-Cloud Scan Data

Download this 12-page white paper, which explores how 3D point-cloud scanning, optical tracking and dynamic motion measurement data can be captured within a common coordinate system to complete a range of inspection and QA tests, as based on unified measurement validity.